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Elementary Art & Design Lessons

Incorporating core subjects with art and design skills.

Discovering fish biology

In this exploration of various art media, students learn about fish biology and habitats by creating their own ocean paintings and fish collage. Students first discussed fish habitats, and painted their own watercolor oceans using a variety of resist techniques. To create fish, students first participated in a basic printmaking activity, then cut out fish bodies before identifying the various parts fish use to move and breathe. They cut fins, tails, and other details out of paper, and collaged elements onto their fish.

Pop-up artist books

Students discover settings and characters through examining pop-up books and the work of contemporary artist Sandy Skoglund. Skoglund's works demonstrate the humor and wit that contrast brings to art and design. Students created their own paper relief books by practicing fine motor skills and learning to manipulate a familiar medium in new ways.