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Delightful Workshops

Creative professional development for modern small businesses.

Learn new skills

Book a creative professional development workshop to begin building artistic and digital skills that support your business offerings. Build teamwork through fun classes where students use creative problem solving to develop visual solutions.

Choose from many topics

From hands-on design disciplines like traditional calligraphy, to contemporary topics like Adobe Creative Suite, Stephanie's Delightful Workshops can bring artistic and digital skills to your growing business.

Build group dynamics in a fun environment

Learn in a no-stress, comfortable environment, where every student is guided and encouraged to create their best unique product. Sign up for the e-mail newsletter to join a scheduled event, or contact Dejlige today to arrange a private event.

Choose from hands-on classes in dip pen calligraphy, watercolor brush lettering, hand lettering design, layout design, or Adobe Creative Suite software, including Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Lightroom. Stephanie's wide range of art and design expertise can help you gain valuable creative skills, customized to the needs of your business team.

Take classes at your convenience, in your place or ours. Dejlige Creative hosts workshops around the Richmond, Virginia area, or can travel to your town for special events. Contact Dejlige today to learn more about workshop opportunities.